Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ilie Wacs and Deborah Strobin, AN UNCOMMON JOURNEY & Eyal Press, BEAUTIFUL SOULS

Painting by Ilie Wacs
It's Holocaust Remembrance Day (U.S.) -- a good day to think about what it takes to rescue the persecuted. Eyal Press' book, Beautiful Souls, is the best exploration of that I've ever read. It explained to me why my father, an unpolitical bon vivant, chose to shelter a Jewish refugee in his Amsterdam apartment for 3 years, build hiding places for others, and bring Jews into hiding from Amsterdam to eastern Holland

On this week's Writer's Voice, I speak with Eyal Press and with two siblings who fled Nazi Europe to find refuge in China, Ilie Wacs and Deborah Strobin. Their book is Uncommon Journey. 

The Story of The Century: A Conversation with Alex Prud’homme about The Ripple Effect

You can live without oil but you can't live without water. Alex Prud’homme on taking water for granted -- and why water is (or should be) the headlining story of our age.

By Francesca Rheannon

Author and journalist Alex Prud’homme’s 2011 book The Ripple Effect: the Fate of Freshwater in the Twenty-First Century, inspired the making of the forthcoming film, Last Call At The Oasis. I sat down with Prud’homme to talk about the book.

Francesca Rheannon: You're well known for the book that you wrote with Julia Child. How did you go from that to looking at this issue of water?