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        2. Brand Culture
          Focus on diamond, be a diamond artist;
          Based in China, open eyes to the world.
          Corporate Positioning
          Create world first class diamonds.
          Build century - old classic brand.
          Corporate Vision
          Brand Story

          Between May 7 and May 10, 2021, Kimberlite Diamond, one of China's well-known diamond brands and vice president of the Gems & Jewelry Trade Association of China, accepted an invitation and made a dazzling appearance at the venue, where the company displayed a wide range of fashion and high jewelry, including the "Guardian" and "Beauty of Seasonality" series.

          Feature film
          Hearts of Roses series
          Warmth of Love Rising Series
          Dancing Love Series
          Floral Growth series
          Sparkling Star Series
          The Knot - Anniversary Series
          Sparkling Love Series
          Faces of Femininity
          Eternal Love Series
          Tune into Love
          New 2019 Autumn & Winter “Love Melody” Themed Product Line
          Song of Myself
          The “Love ? Melody” Series
          The Anniversary Knot Series
          Infinity Journey
          Infinity Gift - Lovely Song
          Infinity Gift Festival Series with New Diamond Ornaments
          Our Story Series F/W Wedding Ring

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