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        2. The Beauty of Seasonality

          The Beauty of Seasonality series of high-end jewelry designs has been deeply inspired by the 24 periods of the Chinese lunisolar calendar and has enthusiastically embraced a playful experimentation with their meanings and implications, building up to a relaxed longing for harmony and mutual symbiosis between the human and natural worlds. These intricate pieces make extensive use of traditional Chinese natural philosophy, particularly focusing on seasonal ebbs and flows in the form of the Two Modes (Yin and Yang) and the Four Forms (major and minor Yin and Yang) within the Tai Chi system. This series is divided into four seasonal themes: Spring Harmony, Summer Esprit, Autumn Harvest, and Winter Tranquility. Together, they form a unified cyclical path of philosophical introspection directed towards the reconciliation of human society with the natural world that created us — and the beautiful gems below.

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