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          • Tang Duo

            Jewellery Designer

            BA Degree, Art Design (Industrial design)

            Donghua University

          • Qian Rao

            Jewelry Designer  

            Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts (Fashion Design)  Bachelor

            Curtin University (3D and JewelleryDesign)  Master

          • Jiaxuan Li

            Jewellery designer

            Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (Jewellery Design) BA

            The University of Edinburgh (Jewellery) MFA

            Top 10 preliminaries of 2020 “IP OF CHINA”Jewellery Design Competition

            Exhibition of collaborativeproject NMS at the national Museum of Scotland/2018?

          • Yanlong Duan

            Jewellery Designer

            School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University,Master Degree


            2020 The Excellent Design in YueYinWanChuan Jewelry Design Collection

          • Liang Sufen

            Jewellery Designer

            Bachelor Degree, Gemology and Materials Technology

            Guangzhou College of South China University of Technology.

          • WANG ZHU

            Jewelry designer

            Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology  Major of art design 

            Master candidate

          Huang Wei
          Huang Wei

          Senior Jewellery Designer

          BA Degree, Jewellery Designer

          China University of Geosciences


          Have over ten years jewellery design experience, good at commercial jewellery design.


          2015 JMA International Jewellery Design Competition [Memory Fragment,the Public Group II, First Prize].

          2017 the Ninth China Jewelry Design and Production Competition [Phoenix Coronet,the Best Creative Award].

          2017 JMA International Jewellery Design Competition [the Billowing Lake, finalists work].

          the Billowing Lake, Blowing Lotus won the National Appearance Design Patent;


          Collections: 「Memory Fragment」,「Phoenix Coronet,Blue and White Porcelain, the Billowing Lake, Blowing Lotus, Failing Rain, Auspiciousness and Harmony」etc.

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