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        2. With natural diamonds lighting up the radiant festival, Kimberlite Diamond wins the Bazaar Jewelry Award.


          The night of December 18th lifted the curtain on the 15th Bazaar Jewelry Award at Expo I-Pavilion, Shanghai. Numerous renowned jewelry brands gathered together, shining brilliantly at this dazzling moment to showcase the artistic charm of jewelry design.


          Celebrities and big names in jewelry gathered at the venue, witnessing the unveiling of awards. Noble Tree epaulets, Kimberlite Diamond's latest featured design, won the 15th Bazaar Jewelry Award for the ingenious vision and artistic craftsmanship.



          Ms. Huang Xingxing, Kimberlite Diamond Planning Director (second from left), accepts the award on behalf of Kimberlite Diamond

          Ms. Jing Jing, Executive Publisher and Editor-in-chief at Bazaar jewelry magazine, wore Kimberlite Diamond's high jewelry Guardian Angel when addressing the gala dinner. An array of celebrity guests including Zhou Jieqiong, Liu Lian, Lu Keran, Yizhi Nannan, Zhou Mohan and Lu Yupeng made their entrance adorned with Kimberlite Diamond's jewelry pieces. Radiant like stars, natural diamonds glittered at necks and fingertips, capturing the gleam of the luminaries.


          ▲ Liu Lian wears Kimberlite Diamond's Infinite Landscapes necklace, bracelet, ring and earrings


          ▲ Lu Keran wears Kimberlite Diamond's The Knot necklace, bracelet, ring and earrings


          ▲ Zhou Jieqiong wears Kimberlite Diamond's The Glamor of Autumn necklace, bracelet and earrings


          ▲ Yizhi Nannan wears Kimberlite Diamond's Goddess Glow earrings and bracelet and Dew on Magnolia ring


          ▲ Jing Jing wears Kimberlite Diamond's Guardian Angel necklace and earrings and Summer Day at the Mountain Pavilion bracelet and earrings


          ▲ Zhou Mohan wears Kimberlite Diamond's Magpie Chiming Spring's Arrivalbrooch


          ▲ Lu Yupeng wears Kimberlite Diamond's The Circle of Life brooch

          Kimberlite Diamond's jewelry exhibition hall is unveiled after the mysterious red curtain is lifted. In the exhibition hall, the unique designs of the jewelry pieces showcase the charming eastern aesthetics, guiding on-site audiences to embark on a wonderful journey through space and time.




          Kimberlite Diamond's dazzling jewelry injects infinite charm and brilliance into the winter gala. Upholding the original aspiration of being an artist in the diamond industry, Kimberlite Diamond will continue sharing happiness and beauty with other brands, giving new impetus to the fashion industry.

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