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        2. Couple Rings
          Love starts from the moment of meeting, and there is only a beginning, no end.
          Evolution of Romance series
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          Love is never an addition and subtraction...
          Perfect Love Series
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          I am in you, you are in me;Strips away the restrictions of gender definition to fit the other perfectly.
          Hymn to Love
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          When words are used to express love, it is always a pale imitation Only music itself Can serve a fitting tribute to true love.
          Infinity Journey
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          2019 Infinity Journey Valentine’s Couples Rings
          Infinity Love
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          Everyone is like a straight line living in geometric space. Most of them never meet, so we thank god for letting us meet the cherished people in our lives. The point where you and I met is proof of our true love. Like space, our love is infinite.
          The One
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          Love is about devotion, communication, and togetherness. Put your warms hands in mine; you are the one for me.
          The Other Half
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          You are the other half of me. I am the other half of you.
          Journey of the Heart
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          For Valentine's day 2015, Kimberlite Diamond's "Journey of the Heart" diamond ring series takes you on a journey of a lifetime. It accompanies you as you watch the landscapes of life unfold around you. It will help you persist onwards along your path.
          TRUE LOVE
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          In one’s life, the best moment of a chance encounter, meet the most beautiful, the most true you. Narrate your own story of TRUE LOVE!
          Record of Dragon and Phoenix
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          Thoughts of love overflowing, a complementary deep love. The gifted scholars and beautiful ladies together is common things in the world, but the one most worried about to how to conform to her soft gentle beauty is the unruly traveler.
          Honey Sweet
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          The perfect fusion of classical and traditional will always be the Kimberlite diamond designer’s ultimate goal. Drawing inspiration from the Belgian Royal Family's collection of chocolate diamonds gifts.
          2010 Valentine Couple Rings
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          2010 Valentine Couple Rings: Valentine's day, every year, is always bursting with fragrant, romantic scents. Valentine's day 2010 coincided with the first day of the Lunar New Year, which also added to the festive atmosphere.
          Love Couple Rings
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          Love is two people, on one road. It is not having to say those three words. Intentions are mutually known, touching on that inherent understanding, even if you pine for each other, which is also the taste of love.
          The Angel of Love
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          Complex but not cumbersome, only the unique you. Each piece of diamond records fragments of love, triggering infinite fantasy, constructing a magical atmosphere.
          Dragon and Phoenix II
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          The Dragon and Phoenix represent Man and Woman’s simple totem of love. Accumulate the imprints of love between the two lovers.

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