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        2. Company profile

          The Kimberlite Diamond brand name originated from kimberlite, the stone that produces diamonds, which was found in Kimberlite Town in South Africa in 1870, and named after this town accordingly. From formation to discovery of the diamond to the birth of Kimberlite Brand, Kimberlite Diamond undertakes the inborn mission to explore the diamond connotations and convey humankind’s emotions. Since May 1995, "Kimberlite Diamond" has been destined to become synonymous with diamonds. Kimberlite Diamond has continued writing the legend of diamond art through its highly internationalized and global perspective.

          Brand ? Kimberlite Diamond

          Kimberlite Diamond was founded in 1995 and in the past 20 years, has become a professional diamond company that offers a comprehensive range of services such as diamond processing, design, setting, distribution, and retail. Kimberlite Diamond's company headquarters is located in fashion capital Shanghai, and now has a sales network covering 30 provinces, cities, and autonomous districts in China. With nearly 700 franchise stores, Kimberlite Diamond is a leader in China's diamond industry. In the 2014 Asia's top 500 brands, Kimberlite Diamond was selected as a top 100 brand, ranked 97th. Founder Mr. Dong Liusheng is thus also known as the "King of Diamonds."

          Because of Kimberlite Diamond's contributions towards Belgium, on January 19th, 2011, Belgium King Albert II awarded Chairman Dong Liusheng with the highest national honor: "Knight of the Order of Leopold". Dong was the second Chinese man to be awarded this honor in the past century. At the Asia Brand ceremony, Dong Liusheng was awarded "Asia Brand Personality of the Year" award for two consecutive years. As a successful entrepreneur, Dong Liusheng has been committed to giving back to society, and incorporates the idea of "devoting yourself to charity, giving back to society, and carrying out corporate responsibilities" in the corporate development process. He is actively involved in promoting the development of China's charity organizations.


          Diamond Industrial Park

          Diamond Industrial Park, established by Kimberlite Diamond in Shanghai, China, covers a floor area of 22,000 square meters, which is the first-ever diamond industrial park self-initiated by a brand in Shanghai. The main construction work includes production area, management area, supporting utility area and other areas, involved in all aspects of diamond supply chain (importation and sorting of original rough diamond, cutting, polishing, processing, diamond design, inlaid gold production and setting, supply for retail markets, etc.). The designed processing capacity reaches 150,000 carats. The scale of Diamond Industrial Park is second to none in China and even the Far East.


          R&D center

          Design is the soul of diamonds, and Kimberlite Diamond's rapid development is closely connected to its outstanding design ability. The R&D center, located at the headquarters, has a diverse international design team which is led by senior designer Mrs. Zhu Wenjun. Renowned Italian jewelry designer Loretta Baiocchi and Emanuela Tersch are our design consultants. The large number of talented designers consistently create luxurious and classic works that have won many major international design awards.


          Production center

          Diamond processing center

          Kimberlite Diamond has a modern, large-scale, and intensive diamond processing center, one of the largest and most skilled in China. The company is not only equipped with advanced and professional equipment, it also provides the long-term employment of foreign experts to personally visit the company and give guidance to skilled technicians. Our experienced and professional technicians are skilled in diamond processing techniques and are constantly upgrading their techniques to ensure that each diamond is perfectly cut and to allow people to fully witness the splendor of each diamond.


          Jewelry setting center

          Kimberlite Diamond has large-scale jewelry setting centers in Shenzhen and Shanghai respectively, with over 400 professional technicians and workers, and which are equipped with all types of advanced professional equipment purchased abroad. The experienced craftsmen perfectly interpret the inspirations and creativity of the designers, and use unique concepts and skills to display the beauty of the diamonds.


          End service system

          Complete sales network

          The perfect sales network spreads all over the country, and 700 franchised stores covering 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. The company is actively expanding its retail network construction plan, to establish elegant and uniform brand franchise stores to provide consumers with standardized and distinguished services, so that every consumer can enjoy a complete shopping experience and outstanding services.


          Professional distribution center

          Kimberlite Diamond has a comprehensive organization and a responsive distribution center. The highly efficient sales team can immediately and accurately provide fashionable diamond jewelry that is most suitable for the consumers at its local retail stores around China. The complete distribution services are a great support for the markets by its quick response to consumer demand, and have created enormous market value for many retail dealers.

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