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        2. Beautiful U

          Find Happiness in the Present, and Beauty in Eternity

          Kimberlite Diamond's 2020 Beautiful U Diamond Ring Series is a tribute to the charm, perseverance, and feminine innocence that its wearers have refined over many years. This series uses shimmering diamonds and exquisite designs to express concepts of love, beauty, and natural brilliance, showing the power of feminine elegance.

          Royal Garden

          The "Royal Garden" Carat Diamond Series

          The Kimberlite Diamond “The Royal Garden” series intends to document this legendary love story within the reemerging radiance of the highest quality diamond’s luster and engraving. The love of the century will stay strong forever!

          The Charm of the Orient

          “The Charm of the Orient” Diamond Ring Series

          From the east to the elegant, “The Charm of the Orient” is unyieldingly and proudly serene and stylistically sophisticated. The Kimberlite designers illustrate that the unconventional and the unique remain in vogue forever.

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