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        2. Evolution of Romance series

          Evolution of Romance series

          Love is never an addition and subtraction in permutations and combinations that are impossible guess.In our predetermined fates, stick to your own direction.

          Perfect Love

          Perfect Love

          I am in you, you are in me;Strips away the restrictions of gender definition to fit the other perfectly.

          Infinity Journey

          With the Infinity Journey line of Valentine’s couples rings, the “∞” symbol unfolds into a never-ending journey of love, whether with bitterness or sweetness.

          Hymn to Love

          When words are used to express love, it is always a pale imitation, Only music itself, Can serve a fitting tribute to true love.

          Infinity Love

          Everyone is like a straight line living in geometric space. Most of them never meet, so we thank god for letting us meet the cherished people in our lives. The point where you and I met is proof of our true love. Like space, our love is infinite.

          The Other Half

          You are the other half of me. I am the other half of you. I've used up a lifetime of luck in order to meet “The Other Half” who has been missing in my life.

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