Province of the Heart: A Memoir

Roman hill near the village
Province of the Heart is a post 9/11 memoir about the true values we must take to heart to survive and thrive in our troubled world -- values taught me by the inhabitants of a small village in Provence where I went to live just days after the terror attacks. 

I had come to write about my father, from whom I'd been estranged since early childhood. But an entirely different book emerged in the wake of 9/11 and the global war of terror it unleashed.

Over the eight months I lived there, that land and its people stitched my world back up again, through the deep nourishment of the relationship between people and community, humans and the natural world that embraces them. To my surprise, my sojourn in Provence also gave me a map to a greater understanding of who my father was and the values that had inspired his life.

Part travel memoir, part journey of healing, Province of the Heart explores these values through poignant observation of nature and place, people and culture, along with critical reflections on the challenges we face and how to surmount them.